What is Yoga?

“Yoga is the journey of the Self, to the Self, through the Self.”

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj.

It means inert or becoming. We can call it a combination of body and mind.

Yoga is the meeting of human qualities, strength or powers. Yoga is one way. Through which latent Powers develop. Yoga is a group of religion, philosophy, psychology and physical civilization. Yoga gives man confidence. The purpose of yoga is to make the body flexible and disease free. It is a good means to fulfill the needs of body, mind and soul. The way Patanjali has told about physical health and health through yoga is called Ashtanga Yoga. It has eight parts -

Brief information about each and every part of yoga

1. Yama (Restrain)

It is a means of discipline that relates to the mind of every human being. By practicing this, man learns non-violence, truth, not stealing, purity and sacrifice.

2. Rules

Rules are the methods related to the physical discipline of man. The purification of the body and mind.

3. Asanas

Asanas are said to keep the human body in a special position for maximum time.

4. Pranayama

Pranayama is the method of drawing breath in and out according to a particular method, sitting in a fixed place.

5. Pratyahara

Pratyahara means to shift the mind and senses from their respective action towards God.

6. Dharna

It means to put the mind in any desired subject. In this way, by meditating on one side, a great power is created in man, with which his heart's desires are fulfilled.

7. Meditation

This is a higher state of perception in which a man rises above the worldly temptation trap and becomes attuned to himself.

8. Samadhi

At the end of termination, the human soul becomes absorbed in the divine.

Principles of yoga

The first four parts of yoga can be practiced by Yama, Niyam Asan Pranayama, but the practice of pratyahar, dharna, meditation and samadhi can be practiced only by yoga and sage. Yoga fulfills the physical, mental and spiritual objectives of man in scientific ways. Therefore. Yoga is dependent on specific principles, which are necessary to maintain it. Following are its main principles -

  • The place to practice yoga should be clean and well ventilated.
  • The stomach should be empty at the time of thirst for yoga. If possible, the morning time is the best, if it is to be done during the day, then the food should be at least four hours after eating.
  • To get full benefit from yoga practice, it is very important to give nutritious and balanced food to the body.
  • While practicing yoga, concentration of mind is very important, which is achieved by wearing silence. When physical actions are going on, the attitude should also be on the same side.
  • Yoga practice should be done regularly.
  • It is very important to take proper amount of rest. It is also necessary to bring freshness in the body. When doing yoga, whenever you are tired, you should take it on breathing or makarasana. Even after the end of the posture, it is necessary to keep the body in a state of rest according to the need.

Yoga - means of wellness

The purpose of yoga is that a person is physically fit, mentally strong and alert, disciplined in ethics. Its features are as follows -

  1. Yoga develops the physical and mental basic strength of man. All asanas develop the basic powers of a person. Pranayama carries more air into the lungs. Lungs are exercised. Lung diseases disappear.
  2. The body remains healthy by doing yoga exercises. The body gets cleansed as if the stomach is cleaned by dhoti action. The intestines are cleared by the colony action. Clean body is always sick.
  3. Body parts are strengthened like the ankles are strengthened by Mayurasan.
  4. Laxity occurs in body parts such as Dhanurasan and Halasan increase the suppleness of the spine.
  5. All the parts of the body act while doing the asana. By doing this, all the organs get strengthened, then all the physical systems start working properly. Lung exercise is done by yoga action-pranayama. The sutures are strong and can be carried as much as possible inside. All the work of the breathing system is done.
  6. Yoga keeps the ear-three body in good posture. Keeping the human condition properly is a quality of good personality. For example, doing Padmasana does not hump in the back, stomach does not move forward. Knees do not collide with each other doing tree postures.
  1. Due to proper posture, many diseases are treated and many diseases are prevented. Pranayama does not cause diseases to the lungs. Sugar disease is cured with Vajasanas and Matsendra Asanas.
  2. Yoga brings mental discipline. Human emotion disorder by Yama and Niyam gives the power to overcome the need and other unreasonable desires. The owner of Yama does not steal. Non-violence follows. One who follows Yama's law overcomes human emotions.
  3. Human wisdom is oil through yoga. By doing pranayama, clean air goes in. Blood attack is oil. Full dose and air reaches the last sail. Then there is agility in the whole body and mind. The brain starts to work as fast as the head is boosted by intelligence, memory increases.
  4. Yoga helps in removing physical and mental exhaustion. If we ever meet physical or mental exhaustion while completing normal life engagements. If you fall prey to it, yoga is a good activity to provide freshness to the body and mind. Respiration removes man's tiredness.
  5. Yoga is a great means of achieving mental balance and providing happiness. Noor in the face of a yogi sitting in Padmasana shows his peace and happiness.
  6. The breath that has to be controlled during yoga practice, it becomes a habit to do all the body's actions slowly. This brings rhythm (Rythm) in the body. Which consumes the strength of the body in moderation.

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