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Sanjay Khan is a highly experienced spiritual yoga master in all forms of yoga. He studied and practiced yoga from the renowned Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga New Delhi, India. Since last decade, Sanjay devoted himself to yoga. He practiced and earned vast experience in foundation course of yoga science and wellness, Yoga for Stress management, got certified in advanced yoga teaching, Pranayama, meditation, Yogasan, and vipassana meditation. He practiced Advanced Yoga Sadhna (for health promotion), and various advanced levels of spiritual yoga.

The vast majority of society got benefited and inspired by him. Sanjay was born and raised in a traditional Indian family. Since childhood, he followed his mother's footsteps as she practiced yoga through her life. He had deep impact of his mother practicing Yoga and Yoga being inculcated in his mind, body and soul. As he grew older, he started practicing yoga with ample of benefits and thought to give back to society. He has served humanity through yoga camps and sessions for robust and healthy living, for self-mastery, made the youth more powerful and strong through Yoga, He attended international yoga fest of Ministry of Ayush held in New Delhi, the feeling of patriotism made him teach yoga to Indian army in Kashmir, he also served as a yoga trainer in American and Australian embassis New Delhi. Organised customised yoga training Programs for the prisoners in Tihar jail New Delhi. Taught yoga to children of Tara boys & Tara girls association with lots of fun. He trained blind people with his yogic and spiritual approach with his customised sessions in Blind School, New Delhi for their overall well-being with positive approach.

"Yoga is a tool to find ultimate expression to life. Every human being must explore and know this"

Yoga is a form of exercise that can be enjoyed at any time of age, from childhood to your advanced years. Yoga was originated and practised from ancient times in India. It improves your physical health, mental health and overall well- being. Yoga has impact on individual's life as it changes mind in unique ways with three amazing benefits :
#Spiritual awareness, #Mental focus & Clarity and #Self- discipline & control

There are various branches of Yoga like Hath yoga, Karma yoga, Mantra yoga, Shakti yoga, Jnana (Gyan) yoga, Raja yoga. All yoga forms together unite our mind, body, and soul lead us towards the spiritual self. The deeper you get into yoga, more you realize it is a spiritual practice and embrace it.

Horaires :
LUNDI : 12h15-13h30 / 14h-15h
MARDI : 17h15-18h30
MERCREDI : 19h30-20h30
JEUDI : 9h45-11h

Tarifs :
1 cours : 15 euros
Forfait 8 séances : 96 euros
Forfait mensuel : 45 euros (1 cours) / 65 euros (2 cours)
Forfait trimestre : 120 euros (1 cours) / 190 euros (2 cours)
Forfait année : 330 euros (1 cours) / 550 euros (2 cours)

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I had an amazing experience during Sanjay's yoga services. I feel more relaxed and stress free, especially by practicing yoga. Yoga has become the vital part of my life now.

Peace, Serenity & Happiness

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These yoga classes will be a unique experience for positive transformation and reconnection with yourself. These joyous yoga practice will entirely empower your mind, body and soul. This start of journey will transform you as an individual spiritually and directs you to grow with purpose. Yoga gives you happy and balanced life.

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